We Want to Recycle Used Batteries

Initiative: Agency for Economic Development
Location: Voznesensk, Mykolaiv region
Year: 2018

Website: http://www.aer.net.ua/

A proactive youth group working under the Agency for Economic Development has been dealing with environmental issues in the city of Voznesensk for a long time. Among other things, they collect used batteries from schools, shops and other public places. The factory processing these used batteries, however, has ceased to operate and since there is no replacement facility yet, the bags of batteries the initiative has collected are piling up in the initiative‘s yard. As such, the aim of this campaign is to convince the city to establish a repository of this toxic waste, where it will be stored until the recycling is secured in the future. The initiative is currently in talks with the management of a nearby power plant which has shown interest in recycling the collected batteries. This campaign also aims to improve the collection system of used batteries in the city, as well as to encourage a greater public involvement, from schools to housing cooperatives to local entrepreneurs.