Transport in the city of Kherson

Initiative: Transport for Kherson Region (Nonprofit organization)
Location: Kherson, Kherson region
Year: 2018
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kstrans/about/

Under Ukrainian law, certain groups of people, such as pensioners or war veterans, have the right to use urban public transport free of charge. In the city of Kherson, however, it is difficult to claim this right – only two of the nine transport companies permit free transport. One of the reasons for this is the non-transparent and unfair system through which the city provides compensation to transport companies for these non-paying passengers. This civic initiative, which has been concerning itself with the operation of public transport in the Kherson Region for quite a long time now, wants to push for a different, fairer system that would allow free transport to socially disadvantaged groups with all transport companies while also preventing corruption. The initiative has developed its own proposal for a solution, which it has submitted to the city council.

Articles about the campaign: 1, 2 (in Ukrainian)