Transparent Financial Management of Municipal Enterprises

Transparent Financial Management of Municipal Enterprises

Initiative: “Open Access”

Place: Kremenchuk, Poltava Oblast

Year: 2017

Web: http://www.telegraf.in.ua/plots/open-access/


For already two years, we have been supporting an initiative Deklarator led by female journalists from Kremenchuk, a town in central Ukraine, whose activities aim at improving public control over the management of assets owned by the municipal enterprises, thus limiting the space for corruption activities. Their pilot campaign – aimed at making the financial disclosures of directors of municipal enterprises public, by which they referred to disproportions between their official incomes and real assets – thus made another step forward this year. The campaign´s goal is to make the municipal enterprises publish their financial management in a form of open data which is a legal obligation in Ukraine. Similar to the Czech Republic, financial management of such enterprises that are supported by municipal budgets is not transparent in Ukraine. This allows them to claim such absurd expenses as 500.000 UAH (approximately 18.000 USD) for delivery of kefir (a fermented-milk drink).