Transparency of Kherson Universities

Initiative: Youth Human Rights Agency
Location: Kherson, Kherson region
Year: 2018

This initiative of students from Kherson universities intends to use the new legislation on school transparency to ensure that all five of Kherson‘s universities publish the data about their financial management and expenditures which they are legally obligated to provide on their websites. The first analysis of university websites has shown that Kherson universities publish only about 40% of these mandatory data. Furthermore, the initiative has also organized a series of trainings for students on how and why to submit requests for information to the school management. The initiative provides guidance on how to formulate these requests and it will monitor the extent to which schools will follow the law by responding to the requests and providing the requested information. Cases of concealment of information – in particular important budgetary and financial documents – will be addressed to the Ukrainian education authority, the ombudsman’s office and other responsible bodies.