Campaign for a shelter for victims of domestic violence

Initiative: “League of Social Workers of Ukraine”

Place: Kherson, Kherson Oblast

Year: 2017

Web: http://liga-kherson.blogspot.cz/

The campaign of social organization reflects a sad fact that despite the high number of victims of domestic violence in the Kherson region (estimated to 40,000 people) and the current legislation local authorities do not provide a shelter for victims to physically hide from their aggressors. Although this was a long-term issue raised by NGOs and the police, the establishment of safe house for these victims was complicated by the passivity of local politicians, who were responsible for the allocation of the necessary financial resources. As part of the campaign a coalition of 18 local NGOs was created. They repeatedly brought the topic to the local municipal council. Three meetings were held with the mayor of Kherson. In January 2018 a decree was adopted by the council. On the basis of this decree a building for the shelter was assigned and instructions were issued to the relevant departments to prepare the project documentation for reconstruction. The adopted decree also allowed to create a coalition of NGOs to start talks with UN officials to make a financial contribution to building the shelter. In November 2017 this campaign won the first place in the nationwide “Social Project Awards” organized by the Ministry for Development and Trade.