Where we work

Campaign “your councilor”

Organisation: informal citizen iniciative “Awarness”
Place: Billhorod-Dnistrovskyi, the area of Odesa
Year: 2015
Conception of this campaign is not very traditional. This iniciative is working in a similiar vein of Czech projects www.kohovolit.eu and www.nasipolitici.cz in order to work with local politicians who candidate in elecetions and have public posts for many years in a row.

Campaign “Harchovyk stadium – the new life!”

Organisation: Youth center for regional developement
Place: Bilozerka, Cherson area
Year: 2015
Youth center is being led by two very enthusiatic ladies, Ella and Katerina, who organise summer school of social activities for several years now, through which they inspire young people to become socialy active.

Campaign for transparent administration of forests

Organisation: informal citizen iniciative “Humans’ forest”
Place: Curupinks, Cherson area
Year: 2015
This inciative is trying to save a forest, through a citizens’ campaign, which is a natural treasure, it has a statute of protected area and its enviroment is entirely unique.

Campaign which supports women in businesses in Poltava

Organisation: Association of women in Poltava – “Churayivna”
Place: Poltava, The area of Poltava
Year: 2015
Poltavian non-profit organisation, whose name was inspired by mythical poet from Ukraine Marusja Čuraj, seeks in its campaign integration of gender equality into programme which supports businesses on administrative level in Poltava.

Awareness Raising Campaign about Domestic Violence in Eastern Abkhazia

Organization: Avangard
Location: Gal/i region
Years: 2014-2015
Women’s rights NGO Avangard will carry out an awareness raising campaign about domestic violence and gender equality. The campaign will be focused on Gal/i region (especially small settlements where proper information is least accessible) and topics related to domestic violence, violence on women, prevention of conflicts, possibilities of solution in cases of domestic violence etc.

Free Access to Information in Abkhazia II.

Organization: Union of Journalists and Media Workers in Abkhazia
Location: Abkhazia
Years: 2014-2015 Independent association of journalists continues in the campaign aiming at enforcing such changes to the law on free access to information which would allow functional mechanism to be established that enables anyone to acquire almost any information from the authorities. (…)

Green Wave

Organization: Sukhumi Youth House, Dune Club
Location: Abkhazia
Year: 2015
The “Green Wave” campaign would like to turn the decrepit and desolate park in downtown Sukhumi into a public and social life spot. At the helm of the campaign is a Dune youth club at the Sukhumi Youth House. (…)

NO to Plastic Bags (НЕТпакет)

Organization: World Without Violence
Location: Sukhumi, Abkhazia
Years: 2014-2015
This green initiative aspires to have at least two supermarkets offering paper or cloth bags as an environmentally-friendly alternative to their plastic counterparts by the end of 2015. (…)