Where we work

Meeting Place: Batumi Boulevard

organization: Independent Journalists’ House
place: Batumi
year: 2011
Project was aimed to protect and renew Batumi boulevard at the Black sea coast in Batumi. Since 1884, the boulevard is a favourite place for relax and meetings not just of inhabitants of Batumi, but also tourists. A non-transparent decision was made, that major part of the boulevard will be used (…)

The Support of Internally Displaced Persons in the Town of Tskhaltubo

organization: Abkhazintercont
place: Tskhaltubo/Kutaisi
year: 2011
Up to 7.000 internally displaced persons from Abkhazia live in old soviet sanatoriums in the town of Tskhaltubo after almost twenty years and in very tough conditions. The project is aimed to support transparent and just procedure of moving some of them to newly built apartment houses, understanding their interests and rights (…)

Our Rights

organization: Disarmament and Nonviolence
place: Tbilisi
year: 2011
The project was aimed to protect the rights of children with health disability. They live and learn in boarding schools in Tbilisi and are markedly disadvantaged group with restricted possibility to protect their rights. Two educating seminaries took place on the basis of this project; one topic – human rights (…)

The Alphabet of Traffic Regulations

organization: Sukhum Youth House
place: Sukhum
year: 2011
Fatalities and injuries caused by ignorance of traffic rules occur very often in Abkhazia. Children are the most endangered group. The project has a connection with a public campaign raising awareness towards more secure behavior on the road. The project was aimed to provide knowledge (…)

Living Mountains

organization: Youth club DUNA
place: National park Rica
year: 2011
The project was aimed to solve the impact of tourism on the environment in the national park Rica. Before the beginning itself, several consultation meetings with the experts took place. During the project, there was a volunteer camp, volunteers have collected samples from the lake water in the national park for (…)

Conscious Volunteering: Donate Good

organization: Union of Students of Abkhazian State University
place: Sukhum
year: 2011
The aim of the project was to support the development of the volunteering among the local youth, mainly students of Abkhazian State University. Young students have taken part in workshops about the volunteering. Workshops have been concluded by the launch of the platform for volunteers (…)