A Unique Collection Analysing Mechanisms of Pro-Kremlin Propaganda in the Central and Eastern Europe Released

Press Release of NESEHNUTÍ, 28 May 2018 A unique collection offering detailed insight into how pro-Kremlin propaganda and disinformation work in Visegrad countries and the Eastern Europe is available now. It focuses on common as well as specific features of the phenomena of pro-Kremlin propaganda. Moreover, the collection presents also the initiatives and steps that… » pokračování

Brno Will Welcome Experts on Pro-Kremlin Propaganda

Press release of NESEHNUTÍ, 22 May 2018 Brno will welcome experts on disinformation, hoaxes and pro-Kremlin propaganda from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria. On 23-24 May, the experts will take part in a conference where they will present a collection of texts titled Characteristics of pro-Kremlin propaganda in Central and… » pokračování


We have established cooperation with civic initiatives in Transnistria, organized three-day workshop with strategic planning and helped to start up a campaign for free access to information. Report from this action is at our blog (in Czech language).