Activists discuss civic campaigns and tackling propaganda at international BarCamp in Kutaisi, Georgia

Press release of NESEHNUTI and AbkhazIntercont, 24 March 2017 Today, civic activists from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan together with those from Ukraine, Slovakia, Czechia and other countries start to discuss their campaigns at international BarCamp in Kutaisi, Georgia, organized by Czech NGO NESEHNUTI together with Georgian organization Abkhazintercont. Besides civic campaigns, the event will focus… » pokračování

Barcamp Kutaisi 2017

NESEHNUTI invites you to a BarCamp devoted to civic engagement, which will take place on 24-26 March 2017 in Kutaisi, Georgia. We will welcome participants from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. BarCamp is a special form of non-conference that provides space to sharing competencies through informal education. You can expect three days full of experiences – sharing and thinking about… » pokračování