Where we work

Echo of Kindness

Initiative: IQan
Place: Ochamchira, Abkhazia
Period: 2018 – 2019
In the South Caucasus, people of advanced retirement age are usually well looked after by their families. However, if such a person is left alone, for whatever reason, they find themselves in a complicated living situation and are often below the poverty line.

EducaTED Generation

Initiative: IQan
Place: Ochamchira, Abkhazia
Period: 2018-2019
This newly-established organization operates in the Ochamchira district, which is a neglected geographical area in terms of civic activities and civic initiatives. Mainly young people are active in the organization (some of them have benefited from the educational activities of NESEHNUTÍ) and their goal is to create an environment and a space for the civic engagement of young people, especially in the Ochamchira district.

Be a friend

Initiative: Women´s Development Centre
Place: Gal/i, Abkhazia
Period: 2018-2019
This organization from Abkhazia’s Gal/i district has long been involved in the topics of the position of women in society (domestic violence, early marriage, etc.), as well as in the education of young people in particular.

Civil society and media cooperate on the issue of children’s rights protections

Initiative: An initiative group of journalists and civil society representatives
Place: Sukhum/i, Abkhazia
Place: 2018-2019
This campaign responds to a situation where, on the one hand, there are a number of functioning, strong, independent non-profit organizations in Abkhazia, but on the other hand, there is little information about the outcomes of their activities.

Campaign against Absolute Prohibition on Abortion in Abkhazia

Group/Organization: initiative group
Location: Sukhum/i, Abkhazia
Year: 2016-2017
This is a campaign of an informal initiative group that was founded by volunteers of the non-governmental organizations Center of Humanitarian Programs and Association of Women of Abkhazia.

Shelter for Stray Animals

Fund for Animal Protection – HOPE
Location: Sukhum/i, Abkhazia
Year: 2016-2017
The campaign strives to stop the current practice of shooting stray animals (mostly dogs and cats), a practice financed by local governments in cities and villages

Awareness Raising Campaign about Domestic Violence in Eastern Abkhazia

Organization: Avangard
Location: Gal/i region
Years: 2014-2015
Women’s rights NGO Avangard will carry out an awareness raising campaign about domestic violence and gender equality. The campaign will be focused on Gal/i region (especially small settlements where proper information is least accessible) and topics related to domestic violence, violence on women, prevention of conflicts, possibilities of solution in cases of domestic violence etc.

Free Access to Information in Abkhazia II.

Organization: Union of Journalists and Media Workers in Abkhazia
Location: Abkhazia
Years: 2014-2015 Independent association of journalists continues in the campaign aiming at enforcing such changes to the law on free access to information which would allow functional mechanism to be established that enables anyone to acquire almost any information from the authorities. (…)

Green Wave

Organization: Sukhumi Youth House, Dune Club
Location: Abkhazia
Year: 2015
The “Green Wave” campaign would like to turn the decrepit and desolate park in downtown Sukhumi into a public and social life spot. At the helm of the campaign is a Dune youth club at the Sukhumi Youth House. (…)