Youth Reality and demonstrations for the release of the Azerbaijani Political Prisoners, April-May 2015

Sukhumi, Gali, Zugdidi, Kutaisi, Gori, Rustavi, Tbilisi

Almost a three-week study stay of two dozens of young people from the Czech Republic, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan scheduled a meeting with dozens of independent journalists to learn about the work of Abkhazian and Georgian NGOs, to meet the Georgian ombudsman or visit  the Georgian region Raca, where famous wine Chvanchkara is grown. In response to the verdict (7,5 years in prison for the advocate of the human rights activist in Azerbaijan, Aliyev Intigam) a spontaneous protest demonstration for the release of political prisoners in Azerbaijan before Azerbaijani embassy in Tbilisi was organised. The event was also supported by the Azeris living in Georgia. The outcome of the study of the young people is a series of thematic articles, forums, photo exhibition, short documents, and preparation of joint projects in the future.