Planning of campaigns, July 2015

We helped to facilitate the process creation of civic campaigns plans for six Ukrainian initiatives from Poltava, Kherson and Odessa. The initiatives formulated a specific goals and lists of activities covering the whole period of realization of the campaigns. It they succeed we can expect significant changes in the area of gender equality, protection of… » pokračování

Selection of supported initiatives in Ukraine, March 2015

We chose six initiatives from Ukrainian Poltava, Kherson and Odessa for an intensive support from more than sixty applications. These selected initiatives have the greatest potential to lead interesting and influential civic campaigns. The topics of their campaigns are for example: gender equality, protection of environment, free access to information or participative public budget.

BarCamp in Kutaisi, March 2015

NESEHNUTÍ together with the Georgian organisation Abkhazinterkont organised at the local state university a three day BarCamp. It was attended by eighty people from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, the USA, Poland and Belarus. Various NGOs presented their work through parallel discussions, lectures, presentations, workshops and field trips. The topics dealt with the… » pokračování