NESEHNUTÍ hosted interns from the Southern Caucasus, June 2015

From 12 to 25 June 2015, 13 NGO and independent media representatives from South Caucasus countries participated on a training in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Poland.

They learnt about SVOBODNA EVROPA /Radio Free Europe /, found out how to work with new media in the Czech Television, what assistance is provided by the White Circle of Safety to the victims of crime, how anti-corruption organization REVIVAL  and other similar organisations in Prague work.  The participants were hosted by the representatives from Ombudsman’s office, they visited the biggest Czech environmental organization HNUTI DUHA – Friends of the Earth the Czech Republic and the editor´s office of the magazine the Seventh Generation. Then the participants moved to Slovakia, where they learnt about work of the Institute for Human Rights, visited the office of the International Visegrad Fund.  They ended in Poland, in Warsaw, in cooperation with the Citizens Network Watchdog Poland.