What you can do

intigam_a_rasulHow to help the unjustly imprisoned human rights defenders in Azerbaijan, Intigam Aliyev and Rasul Jafarov?

  • Sign the call upon the President of Azerbaijan for their release.
  • Promote this call – for example on facebook you can upload this profile picture.
  • Send a postcard or a letter to Rasul. An expression of support on a postcard of your town or a letter describing what you do yourself – both mean considerable moral support for the prisoner. You can use this address to write to Rasul: 39 Zardabi avenue, apt 40, Baku, AZ1100, Azerbaijan. The postcard or letter will be delivered to Rasul by his lawyer. Write in English, Russian or Azerbaijani.
  • Support us financially. We will be able to continue campaigns like this one.