Invitation for the Civic Barcamp 2020 – Meet, Share, Act!


Centre for Community Mobilization and Support from Alaverdi and Czech NGO NESEHNUTÍ invite you to Civic Barcamp- Meet, Share & Act held on 23-26 October 2020 in Haghpat, Armenia. 

The application for the Civic BarCamp Armenia– Meet, Share Act! are now open!


Barcamp is an open, participatory workshop, the content mostly consists of open discussions, presentations of interesting campaigns, projects, programs, initiatives and other forms of sharing information and experience.


The main topic of BarCamp in Haghpat will be environmental activism, stereotypes in society, cooperation with the media and new tools in the work of activists.


We are going to invite 40 people from Armenia, Georgia and Czech Republic to share their experience. Participants of the event will be mainly representatives of NGOs, civil initiatives and independent media, which are in some way involved in the program of Czech NGONESEHNUTI – „The Initiative Way“. 


We invite participants from Armenia to apply until 26 July (applications in English or Russian). ​​We will inform you about ​the ​results of selection on 10 August by email. Please note that BarCamp starts its program on Friday morning, 23 October and runs until Sunday evening, 25 October. It will be three days of full impressions – exchange of experience, discussions and thoughts on how to make civic campaigns better.


More information: https://www.civicbarcamp.org. Working languages of the Barcamp will be English and Russian.



What is a barcamp?

Briefly, we can characterize it as an open, participatory workshop-like event, the content of which is provided by the participants – for example open discussions, presentations of interesting campaigns, projects, programs, initiatives and other forms of sharing information and experience. Three programs will take place at the same time during the event, always in smaller groups (for better interaction). Most of the presentations and workshops will repeat twice during the barcamp. Participants choose those parts of the program that areinteresting for them. Optimal duration of your presentation is 20-25 minutes followed by 20 minutes of discussion. 


It’s suitable to include some interaction with the participants into your presentation, becauseBarCamp is not only about lecturing and presentations, but also about being active and being inspired.


In the concept of barcamp, there is almost no difference between trainer/lecturer and participants. When the lecturers are not giving a presentation, they become participants and actively attend the rest of the program.


The program of the barcamp in Haghpat includes two “open windows” on Sunday. You can apply with your topic and if you succeed in the voting process, you win one of the “open windows” for your presentation.

The Meet, Share, Act focuses on civic activism and campaigning. Most of the presentations, workshops and discussions in the program are related to these topics.


You can find more detailed information about the concept of a barcamp and its history for example here.


Centre for Community Mobilization and Support

The project is supported by Czech MFA