About the program


mladez2_0_z_MezáčeThe Initiative Way is a NESEHNUTI´s program aimed at supporting pro-active people in the Caucasus region and in the Ukraine as well as in other areas. We also help local activists to build a civil society and to defend human rights, the environment and animal rights. We want to facilitate development and emancipation in those areas where people are ready to change the world around them for the better.


We support NGOs and independent media as well as informal groups, civil initiatives, local associations and unions, which set active civic campaigns with clearly defined goals as their priority.

We support bold initiatives seeking to achieve systemic change.

 Priority topics and forms of activities:

  • Equal opportunities for men and women
  • Independent and investigative journalism
  • Protection of the environment
  • The right to information
  • Protection of marginalized and vulnerable social groups
  • Participation in decision making process
  • Protection of political rights


Other topics include the support and protection of human rights (including personal and social rights), the rights of minorities and vulnerable population groups as well as the protection of animals and animal rights.

We give preference to advocacy and watchdog as well as civil campaigns that engage the general public. We place emphasis on specific goals, level of participation of citizens and volunteers, and systemic impact of submitted proposals.

How do we support?

  • By assisting you with strategic planning of your campaign
  • By organizing training for members of your initiative
  • By minor financial support for a start of your campaign
  • By a short-term study trip (10 days) to Central Europe or longer internship in a relevant organization abroad (3-5 weeks)
  • By consultations with foreign experts via e-mail and Skype. Additionally, on-demand expert consultations and/or operational support for your initiative is available.
  • By support visits of a foreign expert during your campaign

By joining the program, you will get in contact with people who think the same way as you and care about human rights, ecology and freedom of speech; who are so creative and fearless that they have decided not to sit idly by, but rather to do something about the situation.

Peta_Havlikova_megafonWe will inspire and support each other because it is hard to change things. We must start with ourselves and consciously accept the driving force of civil change. We encourage the often difficult process of beginning change as well as the often more difficult task of sustaining it.

We do not promise money as a primary means of support and are not interested in casual, superficial projects. We do guarantee hard work on your campaigns and profound results that  not everyone would be able to comprehend at first glance.

We have already supported these initiatives

For us, a key tool for success is a STRATEGIC PLAN

strategicke_planovaniA strategic plan allows you to specify not only a distinct goal and means for achieving it, but also the extent of personal involvement of each team member, a concrete time schedule, responsibilities for particular tasks and an action plan for your initiative.

Why do we strive for systemic change?

Because the concrete outcome of it will be multiplied time many times over for the good of many people.

  • Stop merely collecting illegally dumped waste in forests, but rather push through a good law that would secure proper care for the environment and prosecute violators for dumping waste in the woods.
  • Don’t just speak about how easily society is affected by prejudice and stereotypes. Choose at least one stereotype or prejudice and lead a campaign against it.
  • Don’t just educate young people in a typical fashion, but rather engage them in pro-active, civically-minded activities.
  • Don’t merely give journalists demands and instructions but rather strive for the active publicity of certain agendas through media coverage by providing them with adequate source material from different standpoints.
  • Don’t inform journalists only that they should cover topics in a balanced manner, but rather strive for active publicity of certain agendas through media coverage, so that journalists have enough source information from different standpoints.
  • Don’t just complain about how unfortunate it is that ordinary people do not have access to information. Start searching for information and make it available to others who will be able to join your initiative, through, for example, computer and smartphone apps.
  • … come up with something absolutely new we’ve never thought of.

Do not just call for a change of thought pattern in society. Push through systemic changes and responsible behavior of people’s representatives.

pressNESEHNUTÍ is not a foundation. We are a NGO and therefore we are not looking for initiatives to whom only allocate grants. We are looking for partner organizations with which to cooperate and, together, achieve positive changes in society.

Activities of NESEHNUTÍ are financed by grants and individual donations.

Be a part of the change you wish to become a witness to.



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