The Initiative Way is a program aimed at cross-border support of active people, especially in the South Caucasus, but not just there. We help local activists to create civil society, protect human rights, environment and animal rights. We want to help to accelerate the transition of these regions into free.

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NESEHNUTÍ Hosts Activists and Journalists from south Caucasus


NESEHNUTÍ Press Release

October 5, 2015

NESEHNUTÍ Hosts Activists and Journalists from South Caucasus


Today begins a study tour in the Czech Republic for a representatives of NGOs and independent media organizations from the South Caucasus. They came at the invitation of the Independent […]

NESEHNUTÍ Hosts Trainees from South Caucasus


Press Release by NESEHNUTÍ, 14th June 2015

Thirteen people from South Caucasus NGOs came to the Czech Republic today. They came upon invitation of NESEHNUTÍ – The Independent Social Environmental Movement – who provides support to their public campaigns in South Caucasus. The purpose of their […]

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